Exhibit Work



Held in conjunction with Edmonton Design Exposed, this exhibit featured Architectural, Industrial and Visual Communication Design. The consultant commissioned and curated the exhibit which showcased 12 studios and practices. Over 650 visitors came through the gallery at Enterprise Square. 2010.



A feature at the Calgary and Vancouver H+IDS, showcasing 10 semi-established and up-and-coming designers in all fields in western Canada. Design direction, curation. Many thanks to Joel Harding for his expert illustration and design skills. 2008.



An architectural mock-up of a new cladding system that becomes active insulation via solar energy. This model was on display in Ottawa at the Natural Resources Canada office for a couple years before returning to Envision Global's new facility in Edmonton. A crate was designed for shipping, doubling as a plinth for the model when on-site, and was furnished with instructions for assembly / disassembly and packing.

Completed in 2011, photography by Brock Kryton.