Product Work


When Structural Engineering firm Protostatix was planning a move, they knew they wanted every visitor at their new office to have a stunning first impression. They were looking for something extraordinary in the reception area that not only showcased their services, but that also spoke to how Protostatix are leaders in their industry, shaping the future of our built environment with every project. The unique form of this reception desk features a cantilevered frame with multi-faceted stainless steel skin and a cool blue LED light that subtly glows their strong brand colour.

Completed with KENNEDY in 2017, the desk was constructed and installed by Selenium Interiors. Photos are courtesy of the talented Brock Kryton. Special thanks to Doughnut Party for providing the flavourful treat during our photo shoot.



In 2013, ATB Financial was making plans for a new headquarters on the 21st Floor of the Telus building in Edmonton. Tyler Vreeling was asked to provide 3 tables / seat groupings that brought in a little of the Alberta outdoors. With contributions from Mike Buss and Teng Chong, Tyler was the creative director and project manager of the landscape-themed pieces, interpreting prominent and familiar features that are millennia in the making.

Mike Lam Design, Inc. fabricated the Prairie table, Chris Kubash was the craftsman behind the Hoodoos, and GC Custom Metal along with Concrete Cat Inc. helped realize the Mountain table. Photos by Tyler Vreeling.



In 2012 ATB required a chair for a photoshoot of their 50 or so executives. The chair would be the only constant across all photos, and would tie them all together, used as a prop to support the executives or unique items they would be photographed with. The resulting Cashman chair is named after Tony Cashman, a writer / historian from Edmonton and recipient of the Alberta Order of Excellence.

The chair was fabricated by GC Custom Metal, and upholstered by Benchmark Upholstery. Photos were graciously provided by Aminah Syed, Ian Laurie and



A line of heirloom-quality furniture and accessories inspired by the natural, rugged, beauty of northern Alberta and the modernist movement. Commissioned in 2007, the prototypes depicted here were designed and constructed in under two months, and have been shown in various locations in North America. The signature piece, a hanging silhouette, was on display in prominent storefronts in Edmonton for several years. In 2013, White Moose products were the first ever design items to become part of the Art Rental and Sales Gallery collection at the Art Gallery of Alberta.

Photos of the original prototypes (which are for sale) by the talented Brock Kryton.



Industrial Design of a rugged tablet, protecting and enlarging the display of an inserted smartphone, for MiTAB Inc, a tech start-up in Edmonton. Collaboration with an electrical engineer took the concept through several design and prototyping stages such as: research of rugged tablet industry, including the market placement of a patented, novel product; developing ergonomic, physical, material, and UX characteristics, based on defined needs; design of 3D printed form models and parts for working prototypes.

The following images show form/proportion models, early-stage marketing materials, electronic 3D models, electronic renderings, 3D print-outs, and assembly and finishing details of a physical prototype. Images provided by MiTAB Inc.



Early works from between 2004 and 2011.  Each were made by hand by Tyler Vreeling.