Visual Work



When an established Structural Engineering firm with work across Western Canada was planning an office move to accommodate recent growth, they sought assistance with creating a fresh corporate identity. After all, it had been 30 years. Protostatix wanted something that would speak to the straightforward service they provide, their ability to adapt to changing client priorities, and their experience with a variety of building typologies. In addition to a new logo and stationery package, an overhaul of their website produced a lightweight, informative marketing piece that is easy to update and add to.

This project was completed in 2017 by Tyler Vreeling with KENNEDY, who have provided the images.



Alexander Mosaico is not your average lawyer.  As such, he wanted an online presence that was true to his character, incorporating one of his favourite places - the North Saskatchewan River Valley.  Tyler Vreeling led an early-morning photoshoot with a visual atmosphere that would allow the content to shine through.

Completed in 2015; additional profile photos completed in 2019 with the assistance of Brock Kryton.



The Alberta Rural Development Network (ARDN) had been fostering an enterprise for several years called the Sustainable Housing Initiative (SHI). As an organization, they partner with municipalities to develop affordable housing, including funding procurement and project management. ARDN was looking for a stand-alone identity for SHI, having only a few weeks until a conference circuit would begin. With work across Canada and internationally, they wanted something clean, simple and modern, that referenced housing but wasn’t the same bland ‘house’ found everywhere in the industry.

From initial meeting to final file delivery this project was completed in just over two weeks in 2018. Photos by Tyler Vreeling.

A straight forward and structured design process resulting in on-time delivery, and fantastic value.
Far exceeded our expectations.

Joshua Bénard
Program Director – Housing
Alberta Rural Development Network



A new identity for a budding practice. newstudio’s founding Principals were looking for something strong, minimal, and modern, allowing timeless elements to speak to the enduring qualities of their work. Something that was reminiscent of the old-school, nearly off-the-grid, but that looked boldly into the future. Tyler Vreeling was creative director, led the project and produced some of the layout design for various items. Joel Harding designed the outstanding logo, which won a Graphex 2013 Gold Award. In 2017 newstudio grew substantially by merging with DIALOG.

Completed in 2013. Photography by Brock Kryton.



How do you keep from having to change the name of your firm every time a marquee partner retires? Moving from a traditional partner-named business to one that is conceptual can be daunting, but the time seemed right for the seven partners at Hawkings Epp Dumont. Tyler Vreeling led the (unanimous) renaming of this accounting firm, and the resulting incremental rebrand, including updated stationery and website. The update honoured the logo originally designed by Odvod in 2012 and helped to provide consistency of bridging the past and present for loyal clients. Also handled were internal and external announcements, recommendations for change management, and the direction of a custom photography library for use on various platforms.

This project was completed in 2018 with KENNEDY, who have provided the images. The 25-shot photo library was produced by Brock Kryton.



Sometimes stock photos are too inauthentic, and professional photos aren’t warranted. Tyler Vreeling has contributed photos to various websites, identity systems, marketing and sales pieces.

The work shown here was completed for KENNEDY in 2016-17, who have provided the images. Some were banner images for a website, others were marketing and sales materials and stationery.



Every two years, hundreds of Architects and Interior Designers ascend on Banff, Alberta to participate in a rejuvenating conference that is as much about catching up with old friends, colleagues and industry contacts as it is about learning about new ideas and the future of the practice of Architecture around the globe. It’s really a breath of fresh air, infused with star-studded presentations and information sessions. The Alberta Association of Architects sought to have a bold and colourful backdrop for their conference, including posters, postcards, banners, programs, take-aways, and even a website. The theme was ‘scale’, inspired by the three dimensional drafting paper, a unique isometric world was born, fitting all of the various components together in creative and playful ways.

Tyler Vreeling was creative director, Joel and Laura Harding did much of the design work, and Arianne Bieber was photographer at the conference, which was held in 2010.



This identity was a collaboration between Tyler Vreeling and Kendel Vreeling, for a log home builder based in northern Alberta. The name of the business imbues thoughts of high quality, hand-crafted spaces that stand the test of time, and become a part of the environment where they’re built. A certain patina that smells of misty air, that is powerful but unassuming.

Completed in 2014.



It can be difficult to sum up the intent of your business or organization with a single, concise mark, but it’s even harder to make a second first impression. Enduring marks are created by careful consideration, investigation, and iteration.

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